Safety check features of LastQuake app help increase the general level of preparedness and contribute to the reduction of earthquake risk


These additional data will enable EMSC (Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre) to get a more comprehensive overview of how both seismological factors, as well as socio-cultural ones, impact LastQuake app use. It will also provide a long-term understanding of these features' use as, for instance, users may not send another safety check message if they are experiencing frequent earthquakes. Regarding LastQuake general improvements, EMSC will further analyse whether the safety notifications range needs to be adapted or not. This is in link with the people who use the safety check feature without having received the corresponding notification. Safety tips will be communicated more frequently on EMSC's social media, especially Twitter, when an earthquake strikes. This will improve the general preparedness level and contribute to earthquake risk reduction. The opportunity to design post-tsunami safety tips will also be studied. The relative cultural universality of the safety tips will also be improved thanks to the re-design of one of the two characters as a non-white person, which may ease the identification process.

Applicable to:

Cultural Factors: Communication, Access and use of infrastructure/services

Hazards: Natural hazards

Disaster Phases: Response, Recovery

Types of Actors Concerned: Non-active citizens, Active citizens, NGOs