LastQuake app features are designed to be both visual and simple to maximise comprehension on an international scale


Post-earthquakes safety tips have been designed in a visual way, in order to be understood globally, without a language barrier. The comprehension of the cartoons was tested among citizens with great success. These visual tips enable LastQuake to remind users of the most important safety guidelines to be followed, in order to minimize additional damage and risky behaviours. The safety check feature was included so that affected individuals can quickly reassure their friends and family without using up too much bandwidth, a precious resource in times of emergency. It is complementary with Facebook's tool as it uses text messages and not social media, so that non-social media users can be reached. Thanks to a pre-written and editable text message, users can either send it quickly or take the time to personalize it and adapt it in a culturally suitable way.

Applicable to:

Cultural Factors: Communication, Access and use of infrastructure/services

Hazards: Natural hazards

Disaster Phases: Response

Types of Actors Concerned: Non-active citizens, Active citizens, NGOs