LastQuake app user feedback concerning post-earthquake features


Along with a high satisfaction level, results include some improvements, both approved and suggested by users. Respondents showed an interest for advice about what to do after an earthquake. Some of them also expressed the need for a way to reassure their relatives after an earthquake. This request can be linked to Facebook launch of its safety check feature for the first time after the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. This tool, which has since then been modified, enabled Facebook users to mark themselves as “safe” after a disaster. It has been launched for various types of crisis such as terrorist attacks, or hurricanes. Facebook safety check is more in depth analysed in the “Report on best and emerging practices of technologies for disaster risk management and their adaptation to different cultural groups” (Deliverable 3.2 of Work Package 3). The need to contact relatives in the wake of a disaster is also consistent with findings from the Citizen summits, in Malta for instance.

Note: See source document for full reference.

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