White man effect in risk perception


Another consistent finding in the risk literature is the "white man effect“ in perceptions of nuclear risks white men tend to show a lower level of perceived nuclear risk, compared to non-whites and females (Davidson & Freudenburg, 1996; Finucane et al., 2000; Slovic, 1999). As previously said, this effect has been mainly explained using socio-political factors. Namely, white males often create, manage, control and benefit from different technologies; they promote individual achievement, initiative, and trust in experts (Slovic, 1999). They are often in control and have more power, which results in their perception of the world as a safer place (Finucane et al., 2000). Contrary to that, non-whites and females are more vulnerable since they tend to be in positions of less power and control, and therefore they perceive the world as more dangerous (Finucane et al., 2000).

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