Differences in behaviour amongst different ethnic groups in a disaster is more likely to be linked to a lack of local knowledge rather than to cultural factors


Furthermore, practitioners were often found to ascribe behaviour to nationality as a cultural group, although the actual reason for the different behaviours displayed by these groups in disaster situations is more likely to be due to their lack of local knowledge, i.e. they do not know how to respond to a hazard with which they are not familiar: “North African people suffered from a great number of fractures during the last quakes, not because they were under a collapsed building but because they have been throwing themselves out of the window. They were not aware of what a quake was, they just jumped down and broke all bones” (G2; R), “I think about UK, which is a quake free country and Greece… the behaviour is very different, they would act like African people probably. They would not in the event of a flood, as they are more experienced with water emergencies. It depends on the environment background” (G2; R).

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