Including migrants in disaster awareness activities


Generally, practitioners recommended that citizens, including those from immigrant backgrounds, should be included in the planning of how to respond in emergency with the aim of creating a ‘culture’ of disaster awareness: “In Parma, the Protezione Civile safety plans were shared with the population during creation, to give people the chance to contribute to them and use the citizen’s direct experience through years” (G3; R8), “In a district like Tor Bella Monaca, with a high density of immigrants, I would hope that there have been some ‘inclusive’ information policies, meaning with the participation of citizens” (G4; R5), “Did the citizens participate to the construction of the protection rules and system in the territory? No, it’s been written in a closed room by four heads that probably did not even go in the territory. Let’s start to involve people, let’s bring this “culture” in the territory” (G4; R5). Although plans need to be kept simple and uncomplicated, so that citizens can fully understand them: “A system like this should have a fundamental element, which is the simplification of processes, otherwise taking to a table citizens to discuss something extremely complicated it is not recommended, at least in Italy” (G4; R).

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