Importance of communicating information and practices related to disaster prevention


Ultimately, a number of practitioners felt that there needs to be a generally greater effort made to communicate information and practices related to disaster prevention: “That is important about the people prevention training. The Protezione Civile plans are very effective, but never involve population information. They are very valid but we also need to produce information [leaflets] to hand to families in order to have a good management of the emergency” (G1; R - see source document for full reference). In particular, this was seen as more challenging in urban environments compared to smaller communities: “I would like to add – based on my experience – that it’s easier to have communication and knowledge in the small centres rather than in big cities. In the big cities there is such a dispersion… for example I could not say what is the assembly point where the people of my area should go, no one ever told us” (G5; R3). Overall, the practitioners showed a strong desire to improve communication with citizens already in the preparedness and prevention phase to enhance their communication in emergency situations.

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