Other groups that can act as volunteers during a disaster


A number of practitioners identified further groups that they felt would be able to volunteer in emergency and disaster situations, and that these groups should be utilised and encouraged to participate in emergency and disaster training. Groups involved in sporting activities were identified by practitioners as being useful as volunteers during disaster situations: “In L’Aquila there was the rugby team that helped” (G3; R - see source document for full reference), “they offer a great support, in Rigopiano as well, skiers... People that are passionate with sports and give help” (G3; R). Practitioners from Working Group 2 identified further groups whom they considered would be useful as volunteers during disaster situations, including church groups: “Augustinians are very important for that area; they serve food to poor and the assist social groups. They are very strong in Tor Bella Monaca” (G2; R5), “Priests are very important because they can help to check if someone is missing and where are people. During emergency events, it is very important to have people who can help telling who was there” (G2; R), and unions and guilds: “I expect that the unions become an instrument of stabilization. They need to be one of the support groups. If I cannot trust the leaders of the unions or associations of the area I lose some bits of society, as they need to pass information” (G2; R5), “The guild networks are very powerful, hunters, alpines, and all people who can group up are very useful, as they act as a social group” (G2; R5).

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