Physical fitness as a preparedness measure


Another group identified as trustworthy leaders were active sports people, because “they are used to stressing their limits and, in case they don’t have [physical] limits, the limit is a mental limit and they are able to go beyond it” (G7-P3). This group was already identified in the last Stakeholder Assembly, outlining there the capacity of active sports people for team work. However, the statement here elaborates on another personal quality, which was ascribed in particular to people who engage in individual fitness – perseverance – and points at the opportunity to, e.g., cooperate with gyms for the recruitment of volunteers and motivators in disaster preparedness activities. Furthermore, a number of participants mentioned stewards in sports stadiums – not only because they are, or should be, trained in safety procedures, but also because “it’s an appearance matter” (G4-P2), referring thus to the importance of uniforms as a traditional symbol for organised help. Some participants additionally pointed at hotel and building managers – “I remember the behaviour of the hotel manager in Los Angeles [during the 1992 earthquake], he managed the situation very well” (G9-P6) – who were seen to combine managerial qualities with building/construction knowledge.

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