Perception of risk in relation unrelated with previous experience


Perception of an increased level of disaster risk appears not to be connected with any previous experience of disasters a result which coincides with the findings in the second Citizen Summit (held in Malta) and the third Citizen Summit (held in Italy) and was only weakly related to any increased interest in receiving information about disaster preparedness measures, or intentions to prepare for disasters. Feelings of worry and concern do show a medium correlation with interest in disaster preparedness-related information. This interest, in turn, shows a medium to strong relationship with the participants' desired frequency of participation in disaster training activities. At the same time, knowing vulnerable others appears to have a stronger relationship with risk perception and a still weak to medium relationship with worries and concerns. Appealing to the responsibility for vulnerable others, be it family or community members, may therefore be a viable strategy to promote citizens' participation in disaster preparedness activities, in particular when taking into consideration the aforementioned missing link between feelings of preparedness, experience of disasters and disaster risk perception (including worries/concerns).

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