The role of perceived dedication to a cause in influencing trust in voluntary aid organisations


Amongst the various authorities active in disaster response, voluntary aid institutions were outlined by the participants as particularly trustworthy, because they were believed to be “acting by their heart. They do it because their job makes them happy, because they want to help people and animals, and that makes the difference” (G10-P5). Again, amongst voluntary aid institutions, three were specifically highlighted in this Citizen Summit, drawing a connecting line between dedication, qualification and trust: “As far as the Fire Brigade, the Red Cross and the Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk) are concerned, I can only agree. I respect these people tremendously […] They do that because they believe in what they do. They are very well trained. I can trust these three organisations one hundred percent” (G9-P7).

Note: See source document for full reference.

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