The Patanka New Life Plan Initiative


UNCRD reports the Patanka New Life (PNY) Plan (Gujarat, India). "The aim of the initiative was to train and empower local masons and communities with proper earthquake-safer technologies focusing on local tradition and culture. Emphasis was to ensure confidence building and long-term use of traditional technologies. There were two major components of the initiative: one construction and rehabilitation of model village, and training and confidence building of communities through shake table demonstration testing. The characteristic feature of the initiative was to focus on the holistic approach of the rehabilitation including livelihood. The initiative was successful, especially in terms of community involvement and ownership. The initiative was considered a successful model for sustainable community recovery. The PNY was conceived as a model program right from its inception stage. It sought to empower the affected community to the extent that they are sufficiently resilient against future disasters" (Pandey, B. and Okazaki, K. 2004).

Note: See source document for full reference.

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