Developing innovative technologies for water management


An example at the local level is the innovating technologies for the monitoring, modelling and managing water (IMoMo) approach developed under the leadership of a consortium of international partners since 2012, which achieved proof of concept in both the United Republic of Tanzania and Central Asia. Part of this approach – the IMoMo discharge mobile application – enables local stakeholders (especially farmers) to collect and transmit water-related information. Through this application – using a camera-based runoff measurement –operators can measure water level, surface velocity, and discharge. Users need to establish geo-localized benchmarks and then take a short video, which incorporates these benchmarks. The app processes measurement and results can be shared via SMS and USSD (alternative mobile messaging technology). This information can be useful in areas where there is a lack of data for flood forecasting systems. Through this application water-related data production is increased and shared between local people and National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (NMHS) staffs to ensure availability and relevance of climate information and a better understanding by NMHS staffs of the needs of the local people. Whenever possible, citizen's observations must be completed with other data sources (i.e., provided by NMHSs, regional and local media). However, through this exercise, farmers strengthen their competencies as well as their knowledge of the territory where they live and their capacities to control related natural risks (floods in this case).

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