The Urban Development Zone procedure


The dialogue with the respective city's population has been explicitly obliged by the framework of the "urban development zone" procedure. Therefore, public consultations have been organised in order to involve the civil society, i.e. citizens and their associations. A wide number of actors have been involved in the realisation of the project. Users have been involved in the development process in order to create public awareness and commitment. The neighbourhood has been subdivided into 13 building blocks ("ilots" – small islands), which are developed by different developers and architects cooperating (and, in this way, empowering) people. Citizens also cooperated with entities such as ADEME (the Environment and energy management agency), advising on environmental and energy matters, for example in the development of a "heat fund" (Fonds Chaleur) to save money for future investments on the heat network. Advice has also been given by EPF Normandie (Institution for public space development), CAUE (Architectural, urbanism and environmental consulting), OGI (Research & development of public space) and H. Pénicaud (Environmental research).

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