Communication strategies of the Territorial Coordination Master Plan of the Province of Potenza


Communication strategies targeting the following: a) A safe and reliable information to media (radio, television, newspapers, etc.) that can work in emergency and, if it is possible, on websites and Facebook and Municipality and of the Civil Protection of Florence Twitter accounts. All kinds of communication competence during a disaster concern the Mayor who, through the Office of Communication Channels, studies and may decide the contents. b) Telephone voice warning system with the Mayor or his designee recorded voice to fixed or mobile telephone numbers collected. These messages are sent automatically to all land lines present in the public Florence directories. Otherwise citizens can ask to subscribe to this service through the Civil Protection website or by telephoning the Florence Civil Protection Operations Room (CeSi). This system is useful because it can reach the so-called "fragile subjects" (invalids, older people). The system identifies and locates the citizens in need and puts them in touch with the emergency response teams. c) The so-called "Messaging on the road" through the following channels: - Digital Signage: advertising panels in museums, libraries, and offices where the stream of Twitter and Facebook are also conveyed - Variable Message Panels/buses Poles: panels along the roads where it is possible to pass information - Tramway Poles: panels along the roads where it is possible to pass information. d) Using the Municipality and of the Civil Protection of Florence app to revive a posting on Facebook and Twitter (e.g., APP INFOSOC: APP on Android and Apple Store pass information and related content, alerting the population with custom notifications). e) A leaflet translated in the English language in order to be able to secure foreign nationals has been produced.

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