Implementation activities of the Territorial Coordination Master Plan of the Province of Potenza


The Civil Protection Service arranges meetings, at least on an annual basis, organizes information and training sessions for the population through decentralised structures (Boroughs, Municipalities, etc.). The goal is to help to enhance the community in relation with an emergency and to facilitate the mobilisation of volunteers in case of emergencies. They started these meetings organization for a long time involving citizens, institutions, Voluntary Associations, etc. as well as awareness campaigns to explain better the risks posed by floods and the correct behaviour to adopt in case of flooding. Civil Protection Service has also produced a leaflet that was translated in the English language in order to be able to secure foreign nationals. Finally, during the year, in order to verify the plan effectiveness, drills are organized in collaboration with decentralized locations (Wards) and Civil Protection System with the citizen involvement through the simulation of possible risk scenarios.

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Applicable to:

Cultural Factors: Attitudes toward environmental issues

Hazards: Natural hazards, Man-made non-intentional hazards or emergency situations, Man-made intentional hazards

Disaster Phases: Preparedness

Types of Actors Concerned: Non-active citizens, Local authorities, National civil protection body