Social capital can help building trust


Some studies suggest that strong social capital can help build trust: “social capital embedded in the personal relationships of an affected community actually has critical roles in encouraging trust”. Gultom (for literature reference see original source document) also maintains that “culture-embedded communication” that incorporates cultural values can also encourage trust.

Note: See source document for full reference.

Applicable to:

Cultural Factors: Norms/values, Customs/traditions/rituals, Communication

Hazards: Natural hazards, Man-made non-intentional hazards or emergency situations, Man-made intentional hazards

Disaster Phases: Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery, All disaster phases

Types of Actors Concerned: National civil protection body, Local authorities, Non-active citizens, Government, Red Cross, NGOs, Military, Law enforcement agencies, Healthcare and emergency services, European Civil Protection Mechanism, UN and other international organisations