Urban safety and security in relation to local identities


The UN-Habitat report (for literature reference see original source document), which explores urban safety and security, raises several noteworthy points in relation to local identities. It stresses the importance of understanding the variations in behaviour and in the constructions of meaning between subcultures, in the context of disasters. Members of subcultures, such as gangs or castes, will perceive justice differently and communicate in very different styles, for example. It suggests that these cultural differences are also determined by gender roles. Women in caste systems and men in gangs face their own challenges relating to identity in these groups. It would appear that, in particular, familiarity with the culture of these local identities will be of vital importance, if strategies such as the development of cultures of prevention, resilience and safety, are to be accepted by local subcultures.

Note: See source document for full reference.

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