Education strategies for building values-based skills at the family level


The head of the Principles and Values Department of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Dr. Katrien Beeckmann) recommended that “values-based skills”, which are needed in conflict situations, had to be learnt from within families. Cited examples of practical skills included “active listening, nonviolent problem solving, inclusion of fathers in household activities”. Another speaker (Dr. Nurit Hirschfeld-Skupinsky) emphasised the critical role of “love”, “nurturing” or “healing” in relation to a “culture of peace”. He suggested that it was the “critical element” and had not been successfully transmitted via the UN institutions, but that families instead could successfully impart these values: It is that factor of empathy, self-sacrifice and living a life of responsible citizenship learned in the context of mother/father’s love and the natural family support system that assures “empowerment” or even “human rights” its place in the culture of peace.

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