Example for the effectiveness of grassroot campaign in risk communication


A study conducted in Haiti after the 2004 floods caused by tropical storm Jeanne concluded that an effective grassroots campaign among poor communities to communicate the risks of drinking unsafe water and to spread a water disinfectant succeeded in increasing the use of water purifying substances. Thus, according to the study, the success of the campaign was attributed to the involvement of local leaders, who spread the message inside the community about the necessity of using water disinfectants and their correct use: respondents heard about PuŻR (the respective water-disinfectant product) via multiple channels: 66 learned about the topic from a community leader; 61 had attended a demonstration; 38 heard a radio spot (60% of households had battery-powered portable radios), and 37 heard about it from neighbours (Colindres et al, 2007).

Note: See source document for full reference.

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