Lack of trust in authorities


The lack of trust in the established loci of authority can be seen as a characteristic of the global ecumene and the risk society that seems to be directly connected to the advent of technology and the instant circulation of digital information. Growing numbers of citizens nowadays demand to occupy public space, have access to information and claim transparency of the public affairs. In this larger framework and due to the instant access to information, it has become more and more frequent a practice to address, whenever necessary, the ‘poor quality’ of government response in crisis and disaster situations. Individual interrogations quickly turn into public outrage, citizen journalism combines with professional journalistic investigations, people demand the right to know on social media and the mainstream media channels often have no choice but to follow popular leads. All these have become frequent elements in the repertoire of public reactions. This specific trend must be addressed by crisis and disaster management communicators in rapid, informed, specific and transparent manner that can thus help in the building of a solid capital of trust, able to remain resilient in the advent of a crisis situation.

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