Description of the 'Handbook on home care for the elderly' developed by the Italian Ministry of Health for heatwave situations


The Italian Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the National Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CCM), developed a specific 'Handbook on home care for the elderly' translated in six languages and freely available online. The languages in which the handbook was translated are those which are widely spoken in Italy (English, French and Spanish) and the languages spoken by most of the in-home nurses (Romanian, Russian and Polish). This pamphlet includes very useful recommendations for the staff that assists the elderly and those most exposed to heat danger at home. It includes a description of preventive measures that should be taken during the summer months, recommendations on how to improve conditions in the homes, advice on correct behaviour in this types of situation as well as other types of practical advice on how to cope with heat waves. Other pamphlets in Italian for specific vulnerable groups, such as infants, young children and pregnant women, are also available on the website of the Italian National Ministry of Health.

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