The use of mobile and computer reporting applications and accessibility for people with special needs in disaster-response situations


Most hearing impaired people do not understand the written language in the same way as other people. Similarly, most people with this type of disability are not able to express their problems (e.g. report incidents) using a written message. They need a more graphic and visual language. Therefore, the written language is reduced as much as possible, being replaced with visual elements, using drawings, images and icons. The computer application includes sign language for important concepts and instructions. Therefore, the use of this application will be clearer and easier for people with hearing disabilities. To ensure that the report to the emergency services is as complete and useful as possible, the claimant can expand the report, adding photos and videos. The application will be able to calculate and send the exact position of the claimant to emergency services by using GPS. Multiple reports of an incident: after gathering all the information regarding a particular incident, the application will produce a report and this report will be sent the emergency services. The report will be delivered through various means to ensure that all information reaches the 112 personnel. The computer application provides useful information on how to act in case of emergency until the arrival of the emergency services at the incident location.

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