LastQuake app safety tips usage in areas with seismic activity


During the studied period safety tips have been consulted 73 874 times by 32 198 unique users. Views were located in 175 different countries. This confirms a general and global interest for the feature. The fact that some users consulted the safety tips several times can also be considered as a mark of interest. Consistently with preliminary findings, results confirmed that safety tips are mostly consulted in areas with seismic activity. In Table 1 below (see source document for full reference), data for the 14 countries which have generated more than 70% of the safety tips page traffic are presented. Apart from France, all of these countries have been hit by significant earthquakes during the studied period. The relatively high share of views from France could be linked to a strong use of the app by the Mahorais diaspora on the mainland, with Mayotte being a French territory. In accordance to the hypothesis made in the preliminary report, safety tips use is linked to seismic activity.

Note: See source document for full reference.

Applicable to:

Cultural Factors: Local knowledge, Access and use of infrastructure/services

Hazards: Natural hazards

Disaster Phases: Response, Preparedness, Prevention

Types of Actors Concerned: Non-active citizens, NGOs