Description of the earthquake signalisation for the LastQuake app


The significant earthquakes are listed with their magnitude and date. The colour of each event corresponds to the felt intensity of the earthquake. The colour scheme is described in more details on the app itself for users who are interested. When clicking on a specific event, the user will be provided with more seismological details as seen in Figure 3 (see original source). The 12 thumbnail-sized images were conceptualized by a professional cartoonist. They aim to be culturally neutral and depict each level of the EMS-98 macro-seismic scale (Grunthal et al., 1998), a scale which denotes how strongly an earthquake affects a specific place. After that, eyewitnesses can leave a comment to describe more in depth what they felt and add a picture or video to give an idea of potential damages. It has been found that some of the users also use the comment section to share their emotions. The comments and attached files can be shared on Facebook or Twitter and will be available to all users. In addition, users can also access pictures about the earthquakes and maps showing the epicentre and the location of the eyewitnesses. Users who just felt an earthquake could share their experience by choosing the picture that corresponds best to the intensity of the quake they felt (Figure 3 on the right in original source).

Note: See source document for full reference.

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