The impact and consequences of man-made disasters as compared to natural hazards


In general, people tend to be more concerned about man-made disasters (Baum, Fleming, & Davidson, 1983; Brun, 1992; Siegrist & Sutterlin, 2014), and tend to perceive their outcomes as more negative compared to natural hazards (Siegrist & Sutterlin, 2014). Man-made disasters cause more intensive consequences on people's psychophysical health (Danieli, Brom, & Sills, 2005; Rogers, Amlo, Rubin, Wessley, & Krieger, 2007), especially in terms of chronic stress (Baum, Gatchel, & Schaeffer, 1983). Additionally, it has been demonstrated that man-made disasters impact a larger number of people compared to natural hazards (Baum, Fleming et al., 1983).

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