Different communication channels to be used for different social and cultural groups


Besides using a wide range of different communication channels to reach different groups of the population with different social and cultural backgrounds, communication strategies should be tailored towards specific groups, for example, for marginalised groups by using community leaders, and for elderly populations by using social services. “It is useful to identify stakeholders of the social groups that are interested by the event (religious groups, or criminal groups) and make them understand that we are not against them but with them. The communication needs to be found according to the place where you are. If institutions are welcomed, they can use some social networks to communicate. Parioli, for instance could work that way. They [citizens] tend to be isolated in their homes and prefer to communicate via social media rather than direct human contact; therefore, social media can be useful. In the central area of Via del Vantaggio one could use a mapping of the social services that tells us what are the areas that need a targeted operation for the presence of older or impaired people” (G3; R8).

Note: See source document for full reference.

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