Elderly people and their role in disaster preparedness


Finally, many participants defaulted to “elderly people” in general as both commanding respect and instilling trust. Whilst such age-related roles seem difficult, or even impossible, to operationalise for disaster preparedness or response, one participant described her experience at the University of the Third Age: “I was a student again attending university, and they trained us how to use the defibrillator, because it seems that in Rome there are many buildings where the owners decided to purchase a defibrillator, but then they don’t know how to use it” (G7-P1 - see source document for full reference). Again, active pensioners have been identified during the previous Stakeholder Assembly in Rome, as well as by participants of the Malta Citizen Summit, but this statement points at the specific potential of Universities of the Third Age as “sources” of such active pensioners, who may have both the background and the time available to get engaged in disaster preparedness.

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