The role of "institutionalised" local alliances in disaster management


In few cases, citizen-authority partnerships can be considered as "institutionalised" and such a situation facilitates more and more an empowerment process. This is the case of the Local Alliances "in action" among stakeholders – scientific community, local authorities, companies, NGOs, etc. as the SWITCH Learning Alliance in Lodz-PL or the running cooperation programs which are repeated over the years (e.g., in Tatabánya-HU). In this perspective, (as already stated) "Horizontal modes of governance" have been conceived in the WeSenSeit EC funded project, but only as reference models for the cases of Delft-NL, Doncaster-UK and Vicenza-IT. These modes of governance are not in practice. However, the only fact of having them conceived is a pro-people empowerment factor.

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